• Discovery Kids SCUBA Adventures

    Discovery Kids SCUBA Adventures

    Journey through the underwater worlds with Zack and Haley in Discovery Kids SCUBA Adventures.

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  • Discovery Kids Puterbugs

    Discovery Kids Puterbugs

    Become a computer detective and work with the Puterbugs to solve fun cases!

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  • Jimi Rock

    Jimi Rock

    Jimi Rock's Undersea Adventures. Explore. Play games. Create art. Decorate your underwater world.

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  • WhizzBall


    The ultimate puzzle builder. Grab your thinking cap and get ready to give your brain a workout!

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  • Shark Munch

    Shark Munch

    Flap your fins and eat as many fish as you can. But watch out for the divers! They'll try to catch you in their nets.

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  • Chopperlift


    Fly your helicopter and pick up cargo - from crates to injured climbers - and safely deliver it to your helipad.

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  • Chomp and the Temple of Puzzles

    Chomp and the Temple of Puzzles

    Pass through five secret passage ways to discover the hidden mysteries of the Temple of Puzzles!

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  • Steak & Jake

    Steak & Jake

    Help Steak and Jake deliver milk!

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