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Hex Bug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set


Reconfigurable set lets you create a variety of Nano homes. Go buggy with Hexbug Nano the micro-robotic creature that acts like a real bug! Configure the pieces any way you like, then turn your Nanos loose to play! Real fun with real science. Nanos may look like bugs, but they are actually very cool little robots that use the physics of vibration to propel themselves along and explore their environment. Learn about the science of micro-robotics as you watch them run and skitter, flip over and pop back on their feet all in their own special habitat, custom-made by you!

Battle your HEXBUG Nanos with the Bridge Battle Habitat Set. Nanos enter the arena through one-way gates and battle against one another until only one remains!

Each Bridge Battle Habitat Sets comes with 2 extremely rare Nano mutations and 29 easy connect pieces, giving you the freedom to get creative and see how many ways your Nanos can battle!

  • Contains 2 extremely rare mutations
  • Everything you need to battle your HEXBUG Nanos!

  • 1 easy connect Bridge Battle Piece
  • 6 easy connect curved pieces
  • 2 easy connect straight pieces
  • 4 easy connect hex cell pieces
  • 16 easy connect standoff pieces
  • 2 HEXBUG Nano specimens