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Spark™ Talking Microscope



Expose your child to the fascinating world of natural specimens as you examine an arachnid, a crustacean and other insects up-close.
  • Kids view specimens up-close, just like a real scientist
  • 5X magnification gives a whole new view of familiar insects
  • Microscope narrates incredible facts
  • Quiz mode tests your child's knowledge
  • 12 slides depict real-life specimens from Brine Shrimp to Scorpions
  • 7 Spark™ Cards illustrate the microscope and activities in easy-to-understand diagrams and pictures
  • Includes full-color parent's "Lab Assistant" guide

This talking 5X magnification microscope lets your child discover microscopic specimens up-close, just like a real microbiologist.

Safety warning: This product contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for young children.