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Illuminated Rotating Universe Globe


This illuminated globe shows the earth by day and the magnificent constellations above at night.

  • Updated, self-rotating design
  • Built-in, ultra-quiet motor turns the Earth's sphere at a constant rate
  • Use the on/off switch to stop the world on its axis
  • Geographical globe by day
  • Illuminated, astronomical view of the night sky when lights are off
  • Shows 88 constellations
  • Accurate representation of the night sky
  • Automatic sensor turns night view on when it's dark
  • 1:42,000,000-scale
  • Handsome brass base
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Approved. UL is the worldwide trusted source for product compliance
  • Power cord included (not pictured)
Get a whole new view of the earth with this two-in-one globe that celebrates the majesty of the night sky.