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Spy Video Tracker ATV


Introducing the first app-enabled, programmable, remote-controlled video vehicle that digitally transmits color video, audio and data and allows users to create, download and share custom programs!

The TRAKR is the first modern machine of its kind to offer digital transmission. The vehicle sends live digital video and audio to a full-color LCD screen and speaker on its remote control.

In addition to video and audio, a 2.4 GHz RF transmission and internal processor allow the TRAKR to transfer an endless combination of data between the vehicle and remote. Programs can be created and installed on the vehicle to make it follow a variety of custom commands.

The TRAKR comes with pre-loaded applications( Cyborg vision, Night vision and Path mapper) that can be used immediately, as well as with a USB cord that connects it to the Internet through a computer. This allows users to write their own apps or modify apps obtained (for free) through an online community.

Extra features include an SD Card slot (making the TRAKR the first Spy Video RC with recording capabilities), an integrated speaker and microphone (equipping the vehicle to relay audio messages from afar with the push of a button), and a software development kit (giving users the power to program).

CLICK HERE to download, build and share apps!