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Top Cats

  • Persians

    The persian is a long-haired cat. This breed originates from Persia (now Iran) and is one of the most popular cats in America.

  • Maine Coon

    This cat is native to America, born and bred in Maine. It is now one of the most popular cats in the world.

  • Siamese

    Siamese cats are part of the Oriental group. These kitties sometimes sound like a baby crying when they purr.

  • Abyssinian

    This short-haired cat hails from Egypt. They are highly active and don't make very good lap cats, but their fun personality makes them a favorite.

  • Ragdoll

    This breed is fairly new and is most known for its blue eyes and pleasing personality.

  • Birman

    Birmans are well-known for their white paws that look like gloves.

  • Oriental

    This cat could be the Siamese's twin, but it's more like a cousin. Orientals do have some Siamese in them, but they usually have other breeds mixed in as well.

  • American Shorthair

    Descendant from British short-hairs, this cat was brought over by early settlers to protect goods, like flour, from mice.

  • Tonkinese

    Often called "Tonks", these felines are a cross between the Siamese and Burmese breeds. They are very talkative and make excellent pets.