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The Nightcrawler

The nightcrawler is a cousin to the earthworm. While earthworms live near the top of the soil, nightcrawlers dig deep. They also dig vertical tunnels that can go six feet into the ground (earthworms dig horizontal). Nightcrawlers have a longer lifespan too, living between 5-10 years.

When nightcrawlers are hungry, they don't need to leave their hole entirely to find leaves or dead grass. At night, they keep their tails in their tunnel and reach out and bob back and forth, back and forth, looking for something to grab. Heaven help anything that tries to get a nightcrawler because they'll hold on to the walls of their tunnel for dear life. When they see something delicious, like a leaf, they pull it back down with them -- small end first so that it fits easily. And then they feast. At night, you can hear them rustling dead leaves as they search for dinner. 
Did You Know: Nightcrawlers are most famous for their use as fish bait.