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Do icebergs come in different shapes?

Icebergs do come in different shapes, sizes and colors.  Not only that -- they have names, too.  The smallest icebergs are about the size of a car, maybe a little bit smaller.  They are called growlers. Next comes a bergy bit -- that's its real, official name.  These bergy bits can be the size of a house, but not a very big one.  The rest of the sizes don't have such cool names; they are just called small, medium, large and very large.  

A very large iceberg can be as big as an island, or even bigger.  These large icebergs are even called ice islands. The icebergs can have many different shapes, and they can change their shape as they melt.  Some are like big flat sheets of ice and they are called tabular icebergs.  Most icebergs are blue, but after a while they turn white.  Some rare icebergs in Antarctica are green.