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What are glaciers?

Glaciers are huge masses of ice. They can only form in places where more snow falls in the winter than melts in the summer.  Scientists study glaciers to keep track of global warming and climate changes.  If glaciers start to melt too much, it would cause a rise in sea levels that would be disastrous for mankind and for the planet. Glaciers all over the world are shrinking pretty fast because the Earth's temperature is rising.  It is believed that people are causing the Earth's temperature to rise by sending lots of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This leads to global warming.  

Glaciers are getting smaller even in Antarctica, where it's very cold. Scientists are worried because if glaciers melt, it would not only cause huge floods, it would also lead to less drinkable water.  This is because the ice sheets work to reflect solar energy away from Earth. With smaller ice sheets, the Earth would absorb more solar energy and lose a lot of fresh water sources.