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What is quicksand?

Quicksand is a thick, liquid mixture of sand and water.  It is kind of like watery soil that can't support any weight. But don't worry -- if you ever happen to fall into quicksand, you won't get buried alive. 

First of all, in most cases the quicksand isn't very deep and you will float to the surface.  But if you should find yourself in thicker quicksand, the trick to escaping is to know what not to do. If you panic and start moving your arms and legs too much, you will dig yourself in deeper.  Your weight is what causes you to sink. Fast movements make you sink down even more. What you have to remember is to stay calm and move as slowly as possible.  You can bring yourself slowly back to the surface and then lie on your back and relax.  Once you are up, you should be able float safely and make your way out.