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Spooky Animals

  • Owl

    The distinct hoot of the nocturnal owl can make a dark night seem spooky. This bird has long been connected to Halloween superstitions surrounding ghosts, death and wizardry.

  • Spider

    Spiders and their webs have long been used to scare up a good time on Halloween. Many people decorate with fake spider webs to give a fright, but if you should walk into a real one ... just shake it off. Chances are the spider is harmless.

  • Toad

    Toads with their warts and slimy skin are known to be a main ingredient in Witch's Brew.

  • Bat

    Some people believe bats are really vampires, but that superstition is silly. Only a few bats drink blood and they feast on insects, not humans.

  • Black Cat

    Many people believe it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path. This friendly feline is often seen as a witch's sidekick during Halloween. Black cats do make purr-fect pets!

  • Ravens and Crows

    These black birds eat carrion (dead animals) so they have earned their reputation of always being around death.