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Top Trains

  • Steam Locomotive

  • Passenger Train

  • Freight Train

    Freight trains help keep the country running smooth by delivering materials and goods all across the nation.

  • Monorail

    The most popular example of a monorail is at Disney World. These trains only run on one track and can only go in one direction. They are great at transporting large volumes of people in a short time span.

  • High Speed Train

  • Caboose

    The caboose is the last car on a freight train, but they aren't used as much anymore. They were once seen on every freight train and served as protection for the rest of the train, and living quarters.

  • Bullet Train

    This is a type of high-speed train most common in Japan. It's called a bullet train because of it's speed and shape.

  • Locomotive

    The modern locomotive engine powers the rest of the train.

  • Subway

    The subway is a train usually found in highly populated cities like New York City. This train travels above and underground and is a popular form of transportation for city dwellers and tourists.